⦁ Chopped onion 1kg
⦁ Roughly chopped butternut squash 4kg
⦁ Finely chopped parsley (optional) 0.03kg (30g)
⦁ Vegetable cubes 16
⦁ Water 6 L
⦁ Butter (or equivalent) 0.1kg (100g)
⦁ Salt 0.0015kg (15g)
(Cover 40-45)


1. Melt butter in a large pot then add chopped onion and sweat until almost transparent.
2. Use a whisk and a large plastic jug to make up 2 litres of hot vegetable stock. Add the butternut squash to the pot followed by the stock and salt. Add the remaining 4 litres of water – ensure to use hot water. Allow to simmer on low heat for 45 minutes. Mix the soup gently to ensure though cooking.
3. Remove from the heat and puree to form a smooth mixture. Add the chopped parsley and incorporate into the soup.
4. Serve hot.